Publisher Adopters Updates

Adoption Milestone: Frontiers Adopts CRediT

Frontiers chief executive editor Dr. Frederick Fenter says, “We are committed to continuous improvement and fostering a culture of openness within the scholarly community. By integrating CRediT, we aim to further enhance the quality and reliability of published research, while also recognizing and celebrating the collective efforts of researchers worldwide.”

The full press release can be found here:

Publisher Adopters Updates

Adoption Milestone: Scholastica adds CRediT

Scholastica say “We’re excited to announce the ability to add CRediT Taxonomy fields to Scholastica’s peer review system submission form and machine-readable metadata exports, as well as the option to include CRediT details in the body and metadata of articles typeset or published via Scholastica.

See the full press release here: Announcing CRediT Taxonomy support for all Scholastica products (

Publisher Adopters Updates

Adoption Milestone: ACS adds CRediT

The American Chemical Society recently announced the adoption of the Contributor Roles Taxonomy across 18 journals.

Within the pilot adoption running from June – September, these 18 journals will request but not require CRediT roles at submission from all contributors named on a manuscript. They will also optionally disclose ‘degrees of contribution’ for each role ‘claimed’ per contributor. Degrees demystify the ‘lead, equal, or supporting’ amounts of CRediT to be associated with contributions.

Within the framework of the pilot, CRediT information can also be updated post-acceptance within participating journals through ACS’s authorship/CRediT change process, prior to web publication.

Following the pilot, stakeholder feedback will be used to determine next steps toward potential wider roll out across the broader ACS portfolio.


Spreading the word: Upcoming Talks

Team CRediT will share updates at upcoming in person and virtual meetings. We are also working to generate more awareness of opportunities to adopt and participate. While you don’t need to wait for a conference to chat to us, please do let us know if you want to talk about contributor recognition with us at one of these upcoming meetings where we are scheduled to present:

  • SSP Annual Meeting – June 2 | 3:30 p.m. Central Time (Chicago)
    Community Standards and Recommendations Supporting Open Scholarship: A Host of Benefits for All
  • Japan Open Science Summit – July 6 | 10 a.m. (Virtual)
    Information Standards and the Global Research Infrastructure 

We’re excited about the next steps for CRediT, as we have a mandate to engage with the community. If you want to discuss these opportunities or get on our list, please contact us.